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I change my mind.

I changed my mind..

Because, I’m allowed to.

BIG changes in my life.

And I absolutely cannot wait.

I’m no fool.

I learned a lesson last night. 

I always said people were shitty. But no.

Saying people are shitty would only would be the result of thinking people are capable of being perfect. Without fault on their wrap sheet. Expecting more than you should. People aren’t shitty. People are people. Imperfect beings. And that’s just what it is. 

HOWEVER. People still do shitty things to each other.

I learned to love my crown.

Old friend: Are you still an amazing writer?

Me: I mean, I still love to write if I have to. I never thought it was that amazing. Why?

Old friend: I just remember that about you.

That made me genuinely happy. And then it made me a little sad. Because I remember how much I did love writing. And painting. And taking pictures. And last time I actually invested a great amounts of time with nothing but those things.. were about 2 years ago. Boy, how much times flies by when your priorities change.


“i’ll wait for you” 


yup that’ssss meeee


yup that’ssss meeee

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